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In the midst of fulfilling demands of their startups, personal growth of founders often takes a back seat. Mindful retreats offer a pause for self-reflection, helping them reconnect with their true selves and find inner peace. These retreats provide a space to learn new perspectives and tools, fostering a sense of tranquility that can be integrated into daily life. More than just self-discovery, these retreats encourage open sharing among founders, creating lasting connections and a supportive community.

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Jagah Inner Peace Retreat
5th - 7th July 2024
Kshemavana, Bengaluru

Inner Peace Retreats offer founders a dedicated space to focus on their mental well-being. These retreats foster self-observation and silence, allowing participants to connect with their inner selves and gain new perspectives. By embracing resilience and optimizing their mindset, founders acquire valuable tools and strategies to nurture their mental health and thrive both personally and professionally.

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Past Retreats

Jagah Soulebrate Retreat
16th - 18th February 2024
Kshemawana, Bengaluru

Beyond personal growth and mental wellness, the 5th Jagah Founder Mental Wellness Retreat - Soulebrate edition is a safe space for founders/entrepreneurs to have an open dialogue with peers. Each founder here is both a giver and receiver, forming enduring connections. Get ready to celebrate your soul, embrace growth, and join a close-knit family of kindred spirits. Your Jagah Soulebrate journey starts now.

Jagah Soulebrate Retreat
6 - 8 October 2023

This retreat isn't just about solitary growth; it's a place where you can openly share your thoughts with fellow community members. Here, each Founder is both a giver and a receiver, coming together to honour their souls and their essence. As these three days unfold, you'll forge connections that transcend the event, gaining a support system that becomes an enduring family. Get ready to celebrate your soul, embrace growth, and become part of a close-knit family of kindred spirits.

Jagah Inner Peace Retreat
21 - 23 Jul 2023
Kshemavana, Bengaluru

Journey into the realm of limitless possibilities, where your untapped potential awaits. Embrace the power of resilience, optimize your mindset, and embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery. This meticulously tailored retreat is dedicated to addressing the distinctive challenges encountered by entrepreneurs. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience where you will gain access to invaluable tools, strategies, and perspectives, empowering you to nurture your mental well-being and unlock your truest potential.

Jagah Integral Growth Retreat
14 - 16 Apr 2023
Auroville, Puducherry

The overarching purpose is to cultivate a habit of self observation and silence, experience our true self, build a stronger connect with ourselves and grow in awareness and understanding. And then to be able to carry some of these new perspectives, habits and practices back into our real lives. This retreat will be facilitated by Sameer Guglani of Supermorpheus and a few more friends who have been on this journey for a while.

Jagah Founders’ Wellness Retreat
25th - 27th November
Kshemavana, Bengaluru

At the Jagah Retreats, we are working towards curating a space for founders to come together and talk about their well-being. Mental well-being is paramount for founders. Empowering them to build their startups with a healthy mind and unlocking their truest potential through Jagah is our mission.